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Kitchen Remodeling Service

Transform Your Kitchen with Our Remodeling Expertise

Here at Open Concept Renovations, we have over 15 years of experience providing full-service kitchen remodeling services to homeowners throughout Union City and the surrounding areas. Our team of skilled craftsmen are experts at assessing your particular needs and designing renovation plans tailored to fit both your style and budget preferences.

Common Remodeling Projects

Some of the most common kitchen remodeling projects we undertake include cabinet replacements or refacing, countertop installations using materials like granite, quartz, and laminate, and flooring makeovers utilizing tile, wood-look vinyl plank, or hardwood options. We also professionally handle appliance upgrades, lighting enhancements with under-cabinet LED strips or pendant fixtures, and installation of designer backsplashes in tile, glass, or stone.

Beyond Aesthetics

Beyond purely aesthetic considerations, upgrading your kitchen’s functionality is a top focus when we remodel. Features like additional storage via new pull-out shelves, convenient open shelving and organizers, dual sinks, and strategic appliance placement help optimize workflow.
If you want to upgrade your cooking space then well-designed floorplans with ample counter depth and clear pathways promote ease of use every day.

The Remodeling Process

Every project begins with an in-home consultation where we listen carefully to understand your renovation goals and pain points. From there, our expert designers develop detailed blueprints highlighting the scope of improvements. We consider important factors like plumbing, ventilation, and structural layout changes to seamlessly blend form and function. Our remodels follow all necessary permitting procedures too, to provide you the best kitchen remodeling service.

Expert Craftsmanship and Project Management

Experienced project managers then efficiently coordinate installation by our skilled teams. Their craftsmanship precision results in on-time completions that consistently exceed client satisfaction. All of our remodeling work including kitchen remodeling service comes with a satisfaction guarantee and industry-leading warranties.

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No renovation is too small or large for our expertise. Whether you have a budget for a minor cabinet refacing or an entire gutted redesign for a kitchen remodel, we work with you every step to ensure your reimagined kitchen exceeds expectations.

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